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We had a rough patch in our relationship. It was too traumatic. For me it was end of the world. I could not believe it happening. All our efforts were proving more and more negative. I got panicky. I searched net for good psychological counselor. We met Dr S K Sharma for online counseling and phone counseling. It did the trick. Our problem was solved and we were back as best. My life is saved otherwise I could not have survived.

Submitted By: Partho


Ego. was my best friend. I always had huge ego. I knew it and I was happy that I am the best. School was easy I was boss of entire class. But in college it started to get difficult. I had major fights. I would have best of the girls but it would end sooner or later. It was frustrating. It continued in job too. And when I was thrown out of office I got it I must do something about it. I searched net for best online counseling place and found this. Three sessions and it changed me. My ego is still there but I am not fighting with anyone. I have good relationships at my new job. My colleagues praise me for my attitude and I know what has given me that. Great work Dr Sharma.

Submitted By: John


I am 29 year old. Since my childhood I was sexually abused by one of my uncle.My parents have a bad marriage. I was alone and could not tell anyone. I was sad always. At times I used to blame myself and wanted to die. One day I was surfing net and read about Dr S K Sharma. I consulted him online. I dont know how but after counseling I changed my thinking about my past. I stopped blaming myself and was no longer sad. Counseling has changed my life and I am very strong from inside now.

Submitted By: J S


We consulted Dr S K Sharma for our family problem. My kids had difficulty being together and would fight every now n then. They both had spoiled their studies. Strangely both were jealous of each other. We discussed and realized the real reason behind the problem. Dr Sharma gave very simple tips to follow and in 10 days we saw a remarkable change in behavior of our children. It was very helpful.

Submitted By: D Thakur


I am pleased to inform that after taking online counseling with Dr S K Sharma I could rethink and reorganize my life. My relationship with my husband improved and our life is more relaxed and full of happiness. Our sex life has become more satisfying. I wish to convey my thanks to Dr S K Sharma and Ethos Clinic. With best wishes. RZ

Submitted By: R Z

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