Many forms of cancer of the chest after a life-saving resection of the growth, but the loss of the chest in people with psychological problems caused, but can not be ignored. A young women people who could not accept the imperfect chest, causing serious depressive disorders, should receive internal therapy, but also middle-aged women of all ages with chest cancer for her husband can not sleep. Present a variety of chest renovation surgery treatment, medical internal therapy experts believe that people should understand the effect of various types of surgery treatment, so goals are too high, so psychologically annoyed.Psychiatrist simulated hundred or so thousands of healthy women of all ages to loss of life by the experience of four-year-old was found between forty to sixty-year-old X-ray every many years to do a chest image ladies of all ages, compared with females of all ages who did not do check is required to spend 500 or so and 60 thousands of $ can save a quality-adjusted lifestyle years, higher than the traditional western world like the Joined Country and the Joined States to 3 hundred or so and 90 days thousands of $ limit for the highest investment costs.

Affected by the Western lifestyle in Hong Kong, process more vitamins and have children later than late marriage and other factors, so that ladies of all ages in Hong Kong chest cancer cases in the past three decades ongoing to rise, and people getting young and young. Although Hong Kong women of all ages to have regular chest X-ray angiography for early recognition of chest cancer, researchers study shows that Hong Kong’s chest cancer chance rates than international locations with low, rendering of a complete chest X-ray image testing not cost-effective, would comprise a serious specialist stress, resources used to develop new drugs to treat chest cancer and a person’s internal therapy more efficient.

Off the energy to call to give money, have associates around, respectively, due to suffering from the leukemia disease, cervical and chest cancer , often heard associates grumble that the government waiting for years, excellent and expensive specialist bills, making them great sense of stress to do this often internal therapy for the people However, people have family that care about the most important. Sammi Cheng experience of lifestyle the day before the meeting, accepted having had six homes have stress, no energy for three many a lot of work. Also think back to the Religious is very happy with the energy of the church to support a person is a advantage, religious therapy Shifenchongyao professional. Many forms of cancer people internal problems is a common psychological effect of many people as usual, and therefore ignored, if not aware of increased problems, impact on their Richangshenghuo serious. A while of serious state of problems, the person’s real and mental stress will be heavy, will challenge the potency of treatment and delay the recovery progress.

Submited By: S Anwar